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Timber Tender takes great pride in ethically sustaining the greenspace for clients throughout the Upper Valley.

Our first concern is preventative management through comprehensive tree and plant health care.

However, in certain cases, a tree cannot defend itself against the onslaught of all the invasive pests, fungal diseases and climactic elements in a given season. When problems in your landscape occur, our arborists investigate each tree’s health, and recommend the most effective and environmentally sound remedies possible. Employing a state–of–the–art process of diagnosis and treatment, Timber Tender responds to the problems in your landscape with the most environmentally sensitive approach.

We are Committed to the Timber Tender Way

Every time we collaborate with you to solve problems in your landscape, we use time honored methods to engage with you, listen to your ideas, assess the needs of your landscape first-hand and find solutions for the most proven and effective treatments.